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Dartmoor School
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Email address: jeffreywoolley@dartmoorschool.org Address: 7735 178th PL NE Suite A, Redmond, WA, 98052 Phone: (425) 885-6296

Dartmoor School - Excellence in one-to-one education

Mission and Philosophy


Dartmoor School provides an optimal personalized education for its students via active one-to-one instruction individualized to their instructional levels, learning styles, and the pace of their academic and intellectual progress. Instruction is offered in a welcoming, safe, respectful, and nurturing environment.


Dartmoor believes in the individuality of its students and seeks to cultivate the unique talents of each student. The school's one-to-one setting creates an ideal opportunity to involve students in their own education and inspire them with a passion for inquiry. Dartmoor eschews the impersonal, authoritarian classroom of convention for a nurturing, personalized instructional model wherein the specific student and not a generic norm occupies the focus of learning.

Belief Statement

Dartmoor believes:

  • All students can learn
  • Instruction should take place at a student's instructional level
  • Instruction should accommodate a student's learning style
  • Students should feel safe and respected
  • Staff should encourage students to be responsible
  • Staff should teach students to think globally and champion diversity
  • Staff should demonstrate sincere concern for students
  • Staff should nurture every student's self-concept and potential
  • Staff should always model and foster ethical behavior