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Dartmoor School
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Email address: jeffreywoolley@dartmoorschool.org Address: 7735 178th PL NE Suite A, Redmond, WA, 98052 Phone: (425) 885-6296

Dartmoor School - Excellence in one-to-one education

Academics - 1:1. Personalized. Precise. Flexible.


Dartmoor School operates year-round and on an open enrollment basis. All classes are one-to-one. DS offers the following personalized, precise, and flexible programs:

  • Credit courses
  • Supplemental courses (student support, study skills, test preparation, etc.)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Institute for Specialized Instruction (ISI)

In addition, DS operates a summer session including middle school, high school, college, school year, course, and test preparation. DS has Extended Day & Homework Lab services.

Students opting to graduate with Dartmoor can select a diploma or college preparatory track. Dartmoor works with public and private schools in the Seattle area to design dual enrollment options.

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A Personalized Education

At Dartmoor staff treat each student as sui generis or one of a kind. Here respect and trust develop between Instructor and student, and education becomes a collaboration: a master-apprentice relationship. Each student learns in a class of her or his own. This allows the Instructor to teach actively one-to-one at the student's instructional level. Private tuition long functioned as the organ of education for nobleman and craftsman alike, and presents to this day an unparalleled opportunity for a student to self-realize and excel academically.

Dartmoor creates and implements a dynamic individualized education for each student. DS works with the student, family, and, if requested, with professionals or staff from another school to establish academic goals. Information gathered from these constituents and a battery of internal placement assessments direct the design of a tailored program. Dartmoor's diagnostic-prescriptive approach maintains relevance throughout the enrollment period via a refined dialectic between precision and flexibility.


Programs have a robust foundation of assessment and, where available, professional recommendations. Building on this solidity, a student progresses on a mastery basis of 80% or higher. This allows the student to spend the requisite time on difficult concepts, while moving forward more rapidly when encountering previously mastered or simpler content. Staff monitor programs daily and receive input from the student after every session. All of this ensures a high level of precision.


Flexibility allows staff to implement multiple strategies, accommodations, and modifications in order to adapt and refine instruction so material remains accessible and appropriately challenging. This means the Instructor delivers content at instructional level and just beyond to maximize student growth. Staff can select text-based materials or media-rich digital sources or a combination of both to enhance the student's learning experience. Dartmoor programs can also expand to incorporate skills such as time management, organization, project planning and completion, test taking strategies, and so forth. (For students who require significant or focused intervention in these areas, Dartmoor recommends a Study Skills course.) Families also have a flexible scheduling option that allows for vacations and the freedom needed by individuals with intensive extracurricular activities, such as athletes and performers.