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Dartmoor School - Excellence in one-to-one education

Competency. Confidence. Self-awareness. Success.

One-to-one supplemental programs at Dartmoor are much more than tutoring. The same staff, assessments, instructional methods, accommodations, modifications, curricula, textbooks, technology---in short, the entire panoply of resources of an accredited independent school---inform each course. DS's supplement programs support a student's success within another private or public school setting, and can be utilized to address specific concerns in reading or math, for example.

Unlike homework completion programs which provide temporary solutions, at Dartmoor the focus remains on learning and building skills not just getting by from day to day. Students master content, gain competency, and build confidence that carries over into other classes and even their non-academic endeavors. Students learn metacognitive strategies and become more self-aware, which enhances their success in school and beyond.

DS began as a reading intervention mechanism and continues to invest substantially in developing and maintaining superior academic support services for students from elementary school to college. All programs can incorporate a study skills component addressing organization, time management, homework completion, project management, and so forth.

DS has helped students excel at many prestigious area schools as well as gain entrance into elite colleges and universities via subject-specific support and SAT and ACT test preparation.

Summer session brings the addition of several options: middle school, high school, college, school year, and course preparation.