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Dartmoor School
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Email address: jeffreywoolley@dartmoorschool.org Address: 7735 178th PL NE Suite A, Redmond, WA, 98052 Phone: (425) 885-6296

Dartmoor School - Excellence in one-to-one education

A system of services

A child's educational support consists of many components beyond the traditional academic and family setting. A sophisticated network of professional services ranging from pediatric psychiatry to speech therapy exists to maximize student achievement and personal development. Dartmoor sees itself as part of a system of services available to families in the Puget Sound, and believes close collaboration with professionals is vital to student success.

At Dartmoor, collaboration with professionals takes the form of student as well as staff education.

Student Education

With the family's permission, Dartmoor corresponds with involved professionals to create an effective personalized intervention for the student. The level of collaboration depends on the family's wishes and the student's needs, but can consist of shared documentation, meetings, emails, phone conferences, and progress and exit reports.

Staff Education

Dartmoor seeks professionals to provide monthly trainings throughout the year and is honored to have hosted a phenomenal group of individuals over the years. Dartmoor's trainings focus on skill development and cover issues as varied as ADHD, Asperger's, and Literacy. To inquire about offering a training at Dartmoor, please contact Phoebe Harding, Director of Admissions, at admissions@dartmoorschool.org.

General Information

Founded by Doris J. Bower in 1990, Dartmoor is an accredited, year-round, open enrollment school offering one-to-one instruction for grades 1-12 on four campuses: Bellevue, Issaquah, Seattle, and Woodinville. In addition to serving private families, Dartmoor is a Non-Public Agency (NPA), supporting local public schools to provide educational services for district-placed students. Dartmoor educators have experience working with students who have unique and often highly complex profiles including ADD, learning disabilities, Asperger's, behavioral or pscyhological issues, and giftedness.

Dartmoor School offers:

  • Respect for all learners
  • Instruction at the student's level and pace
  • Personalized, modifiable academic programs
  • A wide palette of instructional methodologies
  • Accommodations and modifications
  • Credit and supplemental courses
  • Course remediation and replacement
  • Open, year-round enrollment
  • Diploma and college prep graduation tracks
  • Flexible scheduling


Dartmoor serves a richly diverse population who:

  • Need to remediate specific skills (e.g., chemistry, math, or reading comprehension)
  • Need to remediate credits or replace courses
  • Need an alternative, individualized academic setting because of ADHD, Asperger's, High Functioning Autism, depression, anxiety, significant learning differences, intellectual giftedness, ODD, OCD, behavioral issues, medical conditions, etc.
  • Need a flexible schedule because of intensive extracurricular activity (athletes and performers)

Services Offered

Dartmoor provides:

  • Graduation with a diploma or college preparatory track
  • Credit courses
  • ESL (graduation, credit courses, supplemental, test preparation)
  • Summer Session (ESY, credit, supplemental)
  • Non-Public Agency placements for local school districts

Enrollment Options

  • Full-time
  • Dual enrollment
  • Supplemental (student support)