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Dartmoor School - Excellence in one-to-one education


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Here you can read what students, parents, professionals, and other schools say about Dartmoor.


"There are not many places like this. It's one of the few and one of the best. I've been to all types of schools---public, private, alternative, religious, non-religious---and this really is the best!"

Dartmoor graduate

"Based on my experience, I would recommend Dartmoor for any kid who is struggling in school. Dartmoor really helped me turn my life around! It gave me confidence in my ability to learn."

Dartmoor graduate

"The instructors were always friendly! Dartmoor was totally amazing from beginning to end."

Dartmoor graduate

"I have always valued my education, but when I struggled with learning I began to hate it and didn't want to try. I dreaded going to school. At Dartmoor, I can fly through the subjects I am good at and take baby steps through the work I dread. I can learn at my own pace."

7th grader

"When I was in 3rd grade I started Dartmoor because I wasn't reading at the level where I should have been. I went there for half a year and they really helped me improve my reading. I am in the 4th grade and now I am reading 5th grade books."

4th grader


"Dartmoor has filled an academic void for our family. When we became aware that our daughter had additional academic needs that mainstream schools could not offer, Dartmoor was there for her. She has come such a long way academically since starting with Dartmoor. She has attended Dartmoor full-time for 2nd and 3rd grades. Her self-esteem has skyrocketed along with all of her academic skills."

Parent of a full-time student

"Without tutoring from Dartmoor School, our son would never have learned to read. He is now an excellent reader and enjoys reading immensely."

Parent of a full-time student

"The purpose of sending our son to Dartmoor was: 1) to accommodate his tennis schedule since he does miss school due to his tournaments; 2) to help him regain his self-confidence regarding doing well in classes; 3) his GPA was also important so he could try and get into better colleges. Dartmoor has successfully assisted my son in accomplishing all three goals. His self-confidence is so much better and he now knows he is capable of getting A's and knows he has to work hard to get an A."

Parent of a full-time student

"Dartmoor has made a huge change to our son's life. Until Dartmoor, he had hated school and been frustrated because it was always so hard for him. Dartmoor's one-on-one instruction made the difference. All the teachers established good rapport with him, and he speaks highly of all of them."

Parent of a graduate

"I can't say enough nice things about Dartmoor. Everyone from the staff to teachers has been absolutely wonderful. Dartmoor has given my son tools for success that I'm sure will prove useful to him when he applies to college next year. His instructor is absolutely great! She's always there to give you that individual attention if any problems arise. I would recommend Dartmoor to anyone!"

Parent of a supplemental student

"The Dartmoor School has provided an excellent and creative alternative to the traditional format of both public and private schools that our child has attended. The staff has coordinated a supportive and challenging approach that ensures: The mastery of individually tailored coursework, the development of good study habits and a stimulating environment for thinking. This resource has been of great assistance in the development of our child's desire to make learning a lifetime endeavor. We thank you!"

Parent of a graduate


"I often refer my parents and students to Dartmoor School. They've always done a professional job of helping students with academic deficits catch up. They are the best place I know of for prescriptive learning."

Howard Sage, Ed.D., Mental Health Counselor

"Dartmoor is an organization that has come to the rescue for some of our students on several occasions. We appreciate their professionalism, attention to detail, and follow through. We highly recommend Dartmoor!"

Bob Dannenhold and Robyn Campbell, Collegeology


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